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About Gregory L Gudger
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Gregory L. Gudger was born in the ghetto of Washington, DC behind an abandoned store-front insurance company to an unwed mother with two older children, living with an older woman who scrubbed floors for white families on her hands and knees. Both of these women were his greatest teachers and inspiration as he became the first person in his family to go to college. With the help of his eleventh-grade english teacher, he came to Eugene, Oregon in 1969 to enroll at the University of Oregon, where he obtained his journalism degree in 1975. Later, at the age of 31, he entered Willamette University College of Law, obtaining his Juris Doctorate in 1986.

Gregory has been a Portland trail lawyer, since 1989: for two years after leaving Willamette, Gudger headed the Metropolitan Human Relations Commission, the civil rights agency for the City of Portland and Multnomah County, before settling into his law practice. Mr. Gudger served on numerous boards and committees in service to his community including NAACP Board, ACLU Board, Black United Fund Board, and served two-terms as president of the National Bar Association, Oregon Chapter. 

"Most people who play basketball are probably short: from the those newly indoctrinated to the sport to the average Joe or Jane who use it as a sports outlet, most are not tall enough to consider making it their profession. That fact, however, has nothing to do with the talent, skill, desire or love of the game demonstrated by any of its practitioners.

Albeit only 5', 9", I've played the game I love at a competitive level though I never considered trying out for the Blazers. I don't think they were looking to recruit me either, but that has didn't diminished the joy I felt after making a sweet move for a score, even on a player taller than I.

There's this old saying in Texas: "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog."

That's the approach I take in my law practice. If I have prepared for the litigation in which I am involved, the size of the opposing law firm is inconsequential to me. The size of the firm doesn't change the facts of the case, or determine my commitment to my client and their cause.
What Did Basketball Teach Me About Being a Lawyer
Gregory L Gudger © 2012
 I generally don't prepare for size of the firm. Like playing defense, I may be aware of, and anticipate tendencies a lawyer may have demonstrated in the past, and may look forward to countermanding that strategy, or using it in my client's favor somehow.

It's not about my opponent so much as it is the game itself; preparation and performance rule. And you have to be ready. To borrow from Tina Turner's intro at her concerts: "I'm ready for you, but are you ready for me?" Besides..."Spud" Webb won the NBA Slamdunk Contest in 1986. And he was only 5", 7"."  Gregory Gudger
He has been a professional journalist and taught writing classes at both Portland State University and Black United Front Saturday School; served was former secretary and Treasurer of the Coalition of Black Men, and served as a publisher and editor of the Portland NAACP branch’s award-winning newsletter, “Go Tell It”.  

He is also an avid fisherman!
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