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Personal Injury "Tort" Claims
If you are injured in an accident or through the deliberate acts of another, my job is to make sure that you are treated and properly compensated for your injuries by the only medium we can...money. We, as lawyers, cannot replace a lost limb or make the pain go away, but we can make sure that you receive an award sufficient to help you continue your life with minimal limitation and put the offending or negligent party on notice that misfeasance, malfeasance or nonfeasance in respecting human life is costly. 

If you incurr medical bills for treatment of your injuries, they will be paid for. If you lost work because of the accident, you will be paid for it. If you need support to carry on fucntions that you did not need assistance with before, that support and assistance will be paid for. 

In many cases, insurance is available to foot the bills. "Special Damages" are those discernible amounts associated with your injury: medical bills, treatment costs, lost wages and, in some instances, lost proits, among other identifiable costs. "General Damages" are subjective and personal: what was commonly referred to as "pain and suffering." My job is to review all the data avilable where pain like yours has been quantified, in order top seek an amount that justly compensates you for your pain. There asre several resources available to help put a dollar value on your injury; my job is to research all of these resources to the extent possible to reach the right figure to help make you whole, to the greatest extent possible. 

Although up to 85% of all personal injury cases are settled out of court, be assured that I will be ready willing and able to take your case to trial to achieve a just and fair result for you. 

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