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Sometimes a criminal defense attorney is asked, "how can you defend someone who you know is guilty?' One response would be: "I am defending the person against constitutional abuse. The Constitution is my primary client which I swore to preserve and protect by the oath that circumscribes the responsibility of being a lawyer. What I mean is that we, as Americans, are constitutionally guaranteed that our life, our liberty or our property will not be taken without due process of law. My primary obligation is to make sure that whatever process is due to a citizen, they are accorded the full measure of that process. 

The law proscribes behavior of everyone equally such that a progressive, orderly and universally beneficial society can be maintained. Laws are crafted to provide us with consistency; that acts by each citizen of that society are supported or punished with equally applicable results. That is the essence of justice. We will not "cut corners" because someone is liked or disliked, favored or not, one color or another, or sex, or size or any other such distinguishing or immutable characteristic.  

The bottom line is that if a law is clearly crafted, an each part of the criminal justice system performs their role accurately: if the police, the jailers, the prosecutors and either a judge or jury each approaches its critical interlocking responsibility with the same integrity they would expect if they were the accused, then the good guys will go free, and the bad guys will go away. 

There is no such thing as "getting off on a technicality" or getting convicted by the same token. Each aspect of the criminal justice system either performs as it should, or it doesn't. My job as your attorney is to make sure the system works. 

"​My primary obligation is to make sure that whatever process is due to my client, they are accorded the full measure of that process." GLG
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